daughter …



large chicken …

Jersey Giant

jersey giant

wet bantam …

Chamois Polish bantam

polish bantam

WRVS meals with Grandma….

When we shoot ‘Up North’ the kids come along for the ride when they can, this gives us a chance to call in on Grandma and see what goes on in her hectic world of voluntary services.




Saatchi Sunday

To celebrate the continued decline of the European economy we spent Sunday shopping in Chelsea and rounded the day of with our first visit to that nice Mr Saatchi’s gallery in Chelsea, where the work of Max FrisingerNoah’s Ark (CocoRosie) 2010 Steel, glass, wood, mixed media 246 x 272.5 x 105 cm,  held my boy’s attention for quite some time.

Lion sighted in South East London

My boy and I were lucky enough to encounter this lion during our morning constitutional.