Mark E Smith , some time ago…


I had a drink with Mark E Smith in the pub behind Manchester’s train station. I told him some important things and he listened. He wanted to leave as “that bloke at the bar wants a fight with me”. We went to some waste ground behind the pub. A few rolls of film later and I drove him home.

Mark E Smith contact


Jason Atherton for Square Mile magazine …

‘Social Eating House’ is to my mind a very odd name for a restaurant, but I grew to like it. Setting up our lighting whilst the bar staff experiment on cocktails with the combined diligence of forensic accountants and NASA engineers was amusing. The bar staff were curious to the process and more than willing to stand in for test shots, which is always a giggle. Jason arrived, carrying the hallmark mix of concentrated tension and laid back relaxation that nearly all Chefs of a certain calibre seem to carry…

Jason Atherton

City Potter

For a welcome change of pace i spent some time with the spectacularly named Skye Corewijn in her studio. She is both talented and calm.



Anthony Joshua for Square Mile magazine …

Anthony was an absolute gentleman during our time together down at the KO gym. Wishing him the best of luck tonight when he gets to do his thing down at the O2.



The lovely Gemma Godfrey for Hedge




Mr Gilbert for Hedge magazine…

Never bored in the boardroom. Somewhere in the city. I do like a shiny table…

Screen_Shot_2015-01-22_at_10.52.05 Screen_Shot_2015-01-22_at_10.53.56


Square cover Button…


We met up with that nice Mr Button again for Square Mile magazine. It’s always a treat to rephotograph people after a gap of several years. This time in a central London hotel suite with enough space to build a studio set. last time we worked around the pit lane and garages of the Monza F1 Track. The limited time on the track was memorable, no seatbelt, sitting backwards, wedged against the windscreen whilst travelling sideways….